NGO Registration Process


All interested NGOs are encouraged to send in an application to before 2359 hrs. Saturday 20 July 2019 to register for Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race.

To be endorsed as a registered NGO for Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race, the application should meet the following criteria;

1)      Provide a brief overview/profile of the NGO

2)      Include a declaration expressing whether Child Protection is a focus area and is part of the overall objectives for the NGO.

3)      A brief summary of practical actions taken in the area of Child Protection over the past 12 months. If the applicant is an NGO that had participated in DMRR in the previous year, this should include a declaration of the total funds raised through the DMRR 2018 platform, a description of how those funds were utilized or how the platform had helped the NGO in the area of child protection and support. (provide information about what was implemented)

4)      A description of initiatives in the area of Child Protection planned for the next 12 months.

Registration and Selection.

  • All NGOs meeting the eligibility criteria in the application will be endorsed as a registered NGO for the event. After notification, the respective profiles submitted by the endorsed NGOs will be featured on Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race website.
  • Dhiraagu will contribute a total grant of MVR 200,000 that will be distributed to five NGOs. (MVR 40,000 to each NGO)
  • Dhiraagu Maldives Road Race participants will nominate an NGO entitled for this grant at the time of registration.
  • Dhiraagu will award the grant to the top five NGOs nominated by the participants.
  • On the occasion where the number of applicants or endorsed NGOs is not more than 5, Dhiraagu will distribute the grant of MVR 200,000 equally among the endorsed NGOs. The grant is awarded to help NGOs working in the area of Child Protection to kick-start their planned activities.

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